On the Mpumalanga Highlands you will find Millstream Farm - South Africa's premier trout fly fishing resort. With 22 different fly fishing waters, this is a trout fly fishing paradise.

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Millstream offers you a fun filled holiday, where you can relax, fly-fish, horse ride, go for long relaxing walks and much, much more
Great Crested Grebe       ® 6  Natal Spurfowl196 
Little Grebe8  Swainson's Spurfowl199 
White-breasted Cormorant55  Common Quail200 
Reed Cormorant58  Helmeted Guineafowl203 
African Darter60  Wattled Crane          ®207 
Grey Heron62  Blue Crane208 
Black-headed Heron63  Grey Crowned Crane   ® 209 
Purple Heron65  African Rail210 
Great Egret66  Black Crake213 
Little Egret67  Red-chested Flufftail217 
Yellow-billed Egret68  Buff-spotted Flufftail218 
Cattle Egret71  African Purple Swamphen223 
Green-backed Heron74  Common Moorhen226 
Little Bittern78  Red-knobbed Coot228 
Hamerkop81  Stanley's Bustard        ®231 
White Stork         (s) 83  Common Ringed Plover245 
Black Stork         (s)84  Three-banded Plover249 
Woolly-necked Stork    (s)86  Crowned Lapwing255 
African Sacred Ibis91  Blacksmith Lapwing258 
Southern Bald Ibis92  African Wattled Lapwing260 
Glossy Ibis         ® 93  Common Sandpiper  (s)264 
Hadeda Ibis94  Wood Sandpiper       (s)266 
African Spoonbill95  Marsh Sandpiper     (s)269 
White-backed Duck101  Common Greenshank  (s)270 
Egyptian Goose102  Curlew Sandpiper    (s)272 
Yellow-billed Duck104  African Snipe          (s)286 
African Black Duck105  Black-winged Stilt    (s)295 
Cape Shoveler112  Spotted Thick-knee297 
Southern Pochard 113  Whiskered Tern       (s)338 
Comb Duck           ® 115  White-winged Tern  (s) 339 
Spur-winged Goose116  Rock Dove   (Feral pigeon) 348 
Maccoa Duck117  Speckled Pigeon349 
Secretarybird118  African Olive-Pigeon350 
White-backed Vulture123  Red-eyed Dove352 
Yellow-billed Kite/Black Kite126  Cape Turtle-Dove354 
Black-shouldered Kite127  Laughing Dove355 
Verreaux's Eagle131  Namaqua Dove          ®356 
Tawny Eagle         ® 132  Red-chested Cuckoo (s)377 
Long-crested Eagle139  Black Cuckoo           (s)378 
Martial Eagle          ® 140  Klaas's Cuckoo     ® (s)385 
African Fish-Eagle148  Diderick Cuckoo       (s)386 
Steppe Buzzard149  Burchell's Coucal       ®391 
Jackal Buzzard152  Marsh Owl395 
Lizard Buzzard154  Cape Eagle-Owl400 
Rufous-chested Sparrowhawk155  Spotted Eagle-Owl401 
Black Sparrowhawk158  Fiery-necked Nightjar405 
African Goshawk160  Common Swift        (s)411 
Pallid Harrier167  White-rumped Swift (s)415 
African Harrier-Hawk169  Little Swift              (s) 417 
Amur Falcon180  Alpine Swift            (s) 418 
Rock Kestrel181  Speckled Mousebird424 
Greater Kestrel182  Red-faced Mousebird  ® 426 
Grey-winged Francolin190  Pied Kingfisher428 
Red-winged Francolin192  Giant Kingfisher429 
Half-collared Kingfisher430  Spotted Flycatcher689 
Malachite Kingfisher431  African Dusky Flycatcher 690 
Brown-hooded Kingfisher       ®435  Fiscal Flycatcher698 
European Bee-eater              (s)438  Cape Batis700 
Swallow-tailed Bee-eater       (s)445  African Paradise Flycatcher710 
Lilac-breasted Roller             (s) 447  Cape Wagtail713 
African Hoopoe451  African Pipit716 
Crested Barbet473  Plain-backed Pipit718 
Greater Honey Guide474  Yellow-breasted Pipit725 
Brown-backed Honeybird478  Cape Longclaw727 
Ground Woodpecker         ® 480  Common Fiscal Shrike732 
Cardinal Woodpecker         ®486  Red-backed Shrike           (s) ®733 
Red-throated Wryneck489  Southern Boubou 736 
Rufous-naped Lark494  Bokmakierie 746 
Rudds Lark499  Grey-headed Bush-Shrike      ® 751 
Barn Swallow518  Common Myna   (feral)758 
White-throated Swallow520  Pied Starling759 
Greater Striped Swallow526  Red-winged Starling769 
Rock Martin529  Gurney's Sugarbird (s) 774 
Common House-Martin530  Malachite Sunbird775 
Brown-throated Martin533  Greater Dble.-Collared Sunbird785 
Banded Martin534  Amethyst Sunbird792 
Fork-tailed Drongo541  Cape White-eye796 
Black-headed Oriole545  House Sparrow801 
Cape Crow547  Cape Sparrow803 
Arrowmarked Babbler             ® 560  Southern Grey-headed Sparrow804 
Dark-capped Bulbul568  Thick-billed Weaver807 
Kurrichane Thrush ® 576  Village Weaver811 
Olive Thrush577  Cape Weaver813 
Groundscraper Thrush580  Southern Masked-Weaver814 
Cape Rock-Thrush581  Golden weaver816 
Sentinel Rock-Thrush582  Red-billed Quelea     ® 821 
Buff-streaked Chat588  Southern Red Bishop824 
Mocking Cliff-Chat593  Yellow-crowned Bishop826 
Ant-eating Chat595  Yellow Bishop827 
African Stonechat596  Fan-tailed Widowbird828 
Red-capped Robin-Chat          ® 600  White-winged Widowbird829 
Cape Robin-Chat601  Red-collared Widowbird831 
White-browed Scrub-Robin613  Long-tailed Widowbird832 
African Reed-Warbler631  Common Waxbill846 
Lesser Swamp-Warbler635  Swee Waxbill850 
Dark-capped Yellow Warbler637  African Quailfinch852 
Little Rush-Warbler638  Pin-tailed Whydah860 
Willow Warbler643  Long-tailed Paradise-Whydah862 
Bar-throated Apalis645  Yellow-fronted Canary869 
Long-billed Crombec651  Cape Canary872 
Cape Grassbird661  Streaky-headed Seedeater881 
Zitting Cisticola664  Golden-breasted Bunting884 
Cloud Cisticola666  Cinnamon-breasted Bunting886 
Wing-snapping Cisticola667  Mute Swan   (feral) 98 
Wailing Cisticola670     
Rufous-winged Cisticola675  Key  
Levaillant's Cisticola677  ®  = Locally rare  
Lazy Cisticola679  (s) = Seasonal or Summer migrant  
Neddicky 681     
Tawny-flanked Prinia683     
Drakensberg Prinia686b     

Last Update Oct 2012