Community and Environmental Development

Millstream Farm is involved in various social and environmental development projects within the community. We support local fundraising initiatives like soup kitchens, research projects and the removal of alien species. The management of Millstream Farm attends events and pays an “entrance fee” or actively arranges the events. Should you wish to support any of these initiatives, please contact Jackie Vincent on 013 253 9911 or 083 992 2572 or email

Sakhelwe Clinic

We support local clinics by donating curtains, linen, blankets, cutlery and crockery. We also facilitate the donation of hospital beds from Nelspruit Hospital.

Swimming lessons

We offer swimming lessons every Wednesday for local children.

Research Projects

Over the years, Millstream Farm has provided accommodation and access to its property to two masters students from the University of Pretoria to undertake research projects on the African clawless otter and other predators and their impact on trout.

Adult Education Training

In 2017, Millstream Farm initiated an Adult Education Training (AET) programme for six selected employees. A few training aids were purchased, and a well-known training company provided a facilitator and training material as well as computer software. A small computer training room was set up in May 2017, and the first classes got underway in July.

Millstream Dam and Waters for fishing

In support of local fund fundraising initiatives  Millstream Farm donates one of its dams or waters for fishing competitions and/ or offering free accommodation at Millstream Farm as a prize for the fundraiser. Here are some of the fundraisers we have been a part of:

    • 2017 Dullstroom Bonanza Fly Fishing Competition 
    • 2017 Ladies Fly Fishing Competition.

    Removal of Alien Species

    Since 1997 Millstream Farm has been eradicating alien, invasive vegetation from the farm and replanting indigenous and non-invasive trees that lend themselves to the area. We have achieved a 99% success rate with Black Wattle eradication and aim to reduce the eucalyptus (Gum Tree) population to less than 10% of the total tree population by 2025. We are also concentrating on numerous other foreign plant species that are invading Millstream Farm, namely Verbena Braziliences, Cotoneaster, inkberry, Scottish thistle, and the prickly pear. We employ, on a part-time basis, the local Platorand Area Fire Protection Association (Pafpa) during the late summer season to assist us in removing invasive vegetation. Should you wish to contribute or find out more about this initiative, please contact Steve Vincent on 083 463 0267.